The Western Australian Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers Association is an independent – not for profit organisation – that provides support for all aspects of greyhound racing, from owning, breeding, racing and retirement.


• To promote, support and encourage the breeding, owning, training and racing of greyhounds;

• To cooperate and promote friendly relations, mutual consultation, cooperation and combined activity amongst affiliated and other greyhound organisations such as the Western Australian Greyhound Racing Association (WAGRA), Racing Western Australia (RWWA) and Greyhounds As Pets Western Australia (GAPWA)in all matters for the betterment and promotion of greyhound racing;

• To represent and safeguard the interests of all members in respect of greyhound racing, training and breeding;

• To do whatever may be deemed expedient or necessary in encouraging all owners, breeders, trainers and registered persons with the Association to become members;

• To repress, put down, control and guard against and do whatever may be deemed expedient or necessary to repress, put down, control and guard against any abuse of greyhound racing or any criminal, unfair, unbecoming or dishonest practices, actions or conduct arising out of or connected with conduct arrangement or carrying out of greyhound racing and/or trialling;

• To encourage, facilitate and act as a means if interchange of information between affiliated organisations regarding their activities and contemplated activities;

• In general, to organise and encourage action to further the interests of affiliated organisations.

Membership Application Form:

CLICK HERE to download the WAGBOTA Membership Application Form.


Western Australian Greyhound Breeders, Owners & Trainers’ Association
PO BOX 104

Email: secretary.wagbota@gmail.com

President : Kylie McLennan

Email: wagbotapresident@hotmail.com

Vice President : Mr Graham Hall
Treasurer : Ms Jackie Wilson
Acting Secretary : Mr Kevin Knighton

Committee members:
Ms Leeanne Nelson
Ms Lynne Vagg
Mr Ron McLennan
Mrs Jodee Jennings
Mr Brad Cook
Mr Ben Maclean
Ms Stephanie Catchpole