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20210415 – Greyhound Gold

20210331 – Greyhound Gold

20210303 – Greyhound Gold

20210113 – Greyhound Gold

We’re launching into 2021 with our first episode of Greyhound Gold!

Join James and Shortte with their best bets for the upcoming weekend of chasing at Greyhounds WA.

20201118 – Greyhound Gold

This week we have Peter O’Neill joining David Shortte on the search for Greyhound Gold!

20201111 – Greyhound Gold

Joining David Shortte this week we have Leia Ernest making her Greyhound Gold debut.

20200930 – Greyhound Gold

This week Callum Robson joins David Shortte in search of Greyhound Gold!

20200715 – Greyhound Gold

This week Peter O’Neill joins David Shortte in search of Greyhound Gold!

20200311 – Greyhound Gold

Join us for a big Perth Cup edition of Greyhound Gold! Plus The Knocker gives his valuable insight on the race!

20200304 Greyhound Gold

Join us on Greyhound Gold as we look at a BIG weekend of chasing, including the heats of the SKY Racing Perth Cup and Galaxy.