Brett Honey’s Perth Cup and Galaxy Preview

Race 1: Perth Cup Consolation (Group 3, 520m)

The first feature on the card has thrown up an interesting field of early splitters, fast dogs with quirks and not many dogs well drawn. One dog who I do think is well drawn is Seriously Lush in box 7. Her run last week behind Uncle Tommy was full of merit where he gave her no peace early, yet she was able to come again late. She’s much better with room to operate and the speed in boxes 3,4,5 all want the rail. Sunset Serengeti in 8 won’t be involved in the early speed battle either. Her sections last week of 5.48 and 18.52 would see her leading this for a long way and she’s sneaky strong at the back end of her races.

Ghost Emoji (box 2) and Bergelmir (box 1) are the two fastest dogs in the race and deserve their spot in the market. Both dogs are far from the finished product however and will need to manage their way through the first bend to have a crack at the leaders late. At the $16/$4.25 for Seriously Lush, she’s one of my better plays on the card.

Bet: #7 Seriously Lush (each way) 

Race 2: Perth Cup 2nd Consolation (520m)

The second consolation throws up more questions than answers. Nearly every dog in the field runs a similar early split and finding the leader is even harder than finding the winner. Coulter Bale (Box 8) wanted to race wide last week where he didn’t get warm quick enough behind Uncle Tommy. He had the best first split of these last week but isn’t a reliable beginner. Daddy’s Girl (box 2) is drawn well down on the inside but hasn’t broken 5.60 to the first mark in 4 weeks. She is strong but it’s likely the leader of this field will be hard to run down.

For the sake of a tip, I’ll throw out Storm Alert from box 7. He’s only one in double figures at the time of writing but is drawn well up the track and comes out of a handy cup heat behind Mepunga Smokey. In an even bunch, happy to play the biggest price.

Bet: #7 Storm Alert (each way and very small) 

Race 4: Perth Cup (Group 1, 520m)

The big one, and this is one of the best Perth Cups in recent memory. Trooper Tears (box 1 – pictured with handler Luke Townsend) is the favourite and set the clock alight last week, going 29.39 when he led all the way. He went sharp right out of the boxes which immediately poses questions about the red for him. Historically he hasn’t done that at box rise and he may be more familiar with the track heading into this but when he is likely to be crossed by Sunset Frazier (box 6) early, it’s a big question at such a short quote.

I’m teaming up with Sunset Frazier in this. He’s a near certainty to lead and behind him is a very messy map for all concerned. Uncle Tommy likely takes care of Mepunga Shine early, then with Transponder (box 2) and Trooper Tears (box 1) wanting to duck off, does Frazier just run away with it up front?

I’ve put lines through Transponder, Mepunga Shine and Uncle Tommy. I can’t see them getting into winning positions. If you’re a Frazier fan, you’ll be nervous if Sneaky Emoji or Buddy Monelli get on his tail. But again, how do they get there?

Keeping it simple and backing the leader in the cup.

Bet: #6 Sunset Frazier

Race 7: The Galaxy (Group 1, 715m)

The second of the Group 1’s is equally as intriguing, purely because there is so much speed here. Boxes 2,4,6,8 all have realistic claims to lead this and two of those, Chloe Ant (box 4) and West On Boonie (box 6) posted the fastest times last week.

West On Boonie is drawn well off the track and is much better mustering around dogs, however he does have a concern with Argyle Queen in box 8. Simply, Boonie must negate her early and if he does, I think he can take over when they greet the judge the first time around.

The run-on dogs in the race are Jelly Monelli, Zipping Neutron and Savic in boxes 3,5, and 7. Jelly Monelli is the best drawn of those three and was one of only three dogs to break 42 seconds last week. She’s also the biggest price of those three mentioned as well. She has to be respected at the large each way quote.

Savic and Zipping Neutron are classy customers but will need luck from their draws.

Not a lot of confidence in this year’s Galaxy but will be playing around West On Boonie and Jelly Monelli.

Bet: #6 West On Boonie, small save #3 Jelli Monelli (each way)

Race 8: The Galaxy Consolation (715m)

I’m very keen on the prospects of Couch Surfer (box 5) in the Galaxy Consolation and we are getting a decent enough price as well. Boxes 1,3,4 all show good early speed and importantly, West On Nugget (box 1) is a mustering, wide running type. Couch Surfer isn’t stepping at the moment. He’s every chance to flop over to the rail and miss any potential traffic. He could be in front by half-way.

Much has been made of his recent form, but his middle section of 30.06 last week was only bettered in this by West On Nugget. It’s important to note that Nugget had to contend with far less speed in his heat last week, when compared to what is on his plate here.

Blessed Doll (box 2) will go around at cricket score odds but is a sneaky hope to run a place at $8+. She ran home nicely last week and a few of these will be put out of business if they cannot lead.

Confident this is the race for Couch Surfer to return to the winner’s list.

Bet: #5 Couch Surfer and small place bet #2 Blessed Doll 

Other bets on the card

Race 3 #3 Care Factor

Race 5 #2 West On Boomer

Race 10 #4 Girls Like You