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Greyhounds WA Welcomes You Back !

Greyhounds is WA is pleased to announce that patrons will be allowed back onto our racetracks from this Friday night (26 June) in a staged re-opening of our venues.

For Friday’s meeting at Mandurah we have a limited capacity of 100 people maximum.

Due to demand bookings are therefore essential, including from industry participants who wish to come into the restaurant.

Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.

From Saturday’s meeting the restrictions on numbers will be eased in line with the WA Government’s recent announcements but we still recommend making a booking.

Our bar and tote will be operational and we will have a limited menu available from the kitchen at both venues.

From Friday June 26 onwards our racetracks will be open to the public on the following race nights:

Wednesday (Cannington)
Thursday (Mandurah)
Friday (Mandurah)
Saturday (Cannington)

For the first week of the re-opening you will be able to order food from our special menu!

Then from Wednesday 8 July THE BUFFET WILL BE BACK at both our Cannington and Mandurah venues!

An announcement regarding public access to Sunday, Monday and Tuesday race meetings will follow in the coming days.

Like every other business we are ramping up as the COVID 19 restrictions are eased and we aim to provide the best possible service to our patrons.

We look forward to seeing you at the track.

For bookings go here:

Greyhound racing – you’ll love it!

Thief Looking For More Plunder In Winter Cup

Steve Shinners admits he had a “big grin” on his face when he saw where Catch The Thief had drawn for the Winter Cup final over 520m at Cannington on Saturday.

The star Victorian chaser has been in the kennels of Shinners and his wife Krystal since trainer Matthew Clark sent the greyhound west in May.

During an extended WA campaign Catch The Thief has fulfilled expectations as one of the most promising racedogs in Australia.

He is undefeated in four starts at Cannington, including a dominant victory in the WA Derby and has posted super quick times.

The light fawn phenom is favoured to capture more silverware this weekend in what will be his final race in the state before he heads back to Victoria.

The Winter Cup brings Catch The Thief back into competition with local champ Tommy Shelby following their previous confrontation in the Derby.

The pair are drawn side-by-side with Tommy Shelby in box two and Catch The Thief in three.

Shinners is happy to be on the outside of Tommy Shelby so that if Catch The Thief steps right out of the boxes he can avoid any contact with his main rival as they vie for the early lead.

“We’re where we want to be, I think Catch The Thief is really suited from the draw,” Shinners predicted.

“It’s going to be a great race. Tommy Shelby is a high-class dog and it would be great to see the two of them battle it out.

“You can’t fault the way Ghosty (Catch The Thief) is racing and I’m happy to back him here.”

After this race Catch The Thief will return home and continue his career under Clark.

“It’ll be a shame to see the dog go but I’m really happy for Matty,” Shinners said.

“I’ve known him since we were 15, he’s a great guy and a hard worker.

“He deserves all the success he gets in the sport.”

Shinners believes that Catch The Thief has matured during his time in the west, developing from a youngster with plenty of potential into one of the country’s elite racedogs.

The greyhound’s reputation has grown immeasurably over the past couple of months to the point where he is currently favourite in early betting for November’s Melbourne Cup.

“When we got him we knew he was a nice dog but we didn’t know how good,” Shinners said.

“He’d had some good races back home and showed a lot of talent but he was also coming back from a virus so we weren’t sure exactly what we were going to get.

“The dog has really blossomed and gone to another level.

“When he arrived he was like a young kid, still puppyish, but he’s really settled down and he’s all business now.

“He’ll head home as an adult which will put him in good stead when he takes on the big boys in the big races over there.

“Hopefully we’ll see him back in Perth in the future.”

The Winter Cup is scheduled for Race 4 (8.08pm local time) at Cannington on Saturday.

By James Broadhurst

Mandurah Public Trials – Special Session Public Holiday Monday June 1

 Please note due to current demand for trials there will be a one off Public Holiday Trial session held this coming Monday at Mandurah.  The trials will be Finish on only / No Catching Pen in operation.



Bookings open 9am Wed May 27 for June 1 and close 6pm Friday May 29

  • Trials commence 5.00pm
  • On the arm only
  • Separate stir up laps will not be conducted
  • FINISH ON -RACE LURE available (Muzzle on, max-2 dogs, No additional tie on.)
  • FINISH ON – BROWN CANVAS (1 dog can be muzzle off, if 2 dogs one must be muzzled, compliant tie on allowed)
  • WALK ONS – Only from 405 or 490 start point. Maximum distance 30m (1 dog can be muzzle off, if 2 dogs one must be muzzled, compliant tie on allowed)

Trials need to be pre-booked and paid for by 6pm Friday day via Greyhounds Mandurah Office in person or phone 9581 7188    



My Tour Of “Marsh-land” – by SEN Track host Alexia Pesce

Over the past month I’ve enjoyed my introduction to the world of chasing as the co-host of SEN Track’s Go Greyhounds radio show. This is all new territory for me and I’m on the journey to understand the ins and outs of the sport. It’s been a lot of fun.

So when trainer Jamie Marsh invited me to his kennel I was naturally excited to get a behind the scenes tour but to be honest I was slightly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect and was worried about asking him stupid questions. I left my visit with plenty new knowledge about these very friendly dogs.

Jamie’s property in Canning Vale has 18 kennels to house 16 greyhounds and one very attached and dedicated trainer. Jamie works around the clock 365 days of the year. The job is demanding but he loves it.

Each dog has a strict diet, so at 6.30am when the alarm goes off Jamie carefully measures and prepares meals into the dog’s respective bowls for breakfast, which is the main meal of the day. That’s 16 different main meals!

The trainer/chef hybrid then exercises each of his dogs depending on their schedules for the week. “They thrive off routine, it’s all about routine,” Jamie told me. That’s why every day is the same.

Training consists of; time on the walker at the kennel, a trip to the nearby track or a leisurely stroll to the park across the road, strictly in twos (government orders).

I noticed that when outdoors the greyhounds wear muzzles and are given designated areas of the property to go about their business. The girls hang with the girls and the boys with the boys. Athletes can’t afford distractions!

Naturally, I did question the muzzle. Jamie told me it’s a government requirement that all greyhounds wear muzzles when they’re out of the kennel and more importantly they’re athletes with a job to do, they need to avoid injury at any cost just like any human sportsperson.

The kennel to me almost looked like a little resort. Race kennel at the front, another kennel at the back with a kitchen in the middle and two running tracks over to one side. These dogs have access to anything they need.

After training, each dog is given a smaller feed and then have some downtime while Jamie cleans up. Recovery is key for greyhounds, so they have the option to spend some time in the hydro-bath if they need it.

One more snack before bed, then lights out in their climate-controlled kennels, cooled down in the summer and nice and toasty through the winter. The following morning they wake up and do it all over again.

The dogs travel to and from the track in an airconditioned vehicle. They know the car, they know it means they get to race. While telling me about how much they love it, Jamie opened the door to the car and every single greyhound popped its head up and headed straight for the car. Unfortunately for the greyhounds on this occasion there wasn’t a trip to the race track.

It’s a common misconception that these dogs hate to race and aren’t very friendly but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Jamie also has a white and brown ‘mixer’ breed dog he adopted called Buzz. In his ten years in the greyhound industry the only dog that’s ever given him a nip is Buzz!

Toward the end of my visit it crossed my mind that Jamie actually doesn’t get a break. He confirmed that he rarely gets time away. “At the end of the day the dogs don’t know it’s Christmas,” he told me.

On the odd occasion when he does take a break and someone else comes in to run the kennel the dogs take the opportunity to play up. “You need to treat them like they’re crafty five-year old kids, they’re smart dogs. They know they get away with more when you’re not around and they will try to”. Good luck to the babysitter who’s in charge of 16 greyhounds with different schedules.

Above all the greyhounds are shown so much love. Plenty hard work goes into running a kennel but there’s plenty of fun to be had as well and of course there’s nothing like taking home a winner or two at the end of the racing week!

By Alexia Pesce

Cannington Sunday – Starting Early To Beat Severe Storm

RWWA And Greyhounds WA have changed the time of this Sundays’s Cannington meeting.

Due to the forecast severe storm on Sunday late afternoon/evening this meeting is now starting at 11.02am

Field sheet is on RWWA website.

Kenneling will 9.45am – 10.45am

Scratchings will be 7.30am – 8.00am

1st race 11.02am , last race 2.37pm